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Open Stack

Open Stack Cloud Support

OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing software platform which is an IaaS that helps you create your own cloud Infrastructure, on-demand resources by provisioning large array of Virtual computing nodes or machines via OpenStack Cloud for large service providers.

OpenStack is architected to provide flexibility as you design your cloud, with no proprietary hardware or software requirements and the ability to integrate with legacy systems and third party technologies. It is designed to manage and automate pools of compute resources and can work with widely available virtualization technologies.Our expert team of engineers provide 24/7 openstack cloud support for your business needs.

Roadmap for a Reliable, Scalable OpenStack Cloud

Open Stack Key features

Compute (Nova)

Manage large networks of Virtual Machines.

Dashboard (Horizon)

GUI to access, provision and automate Cloud resources.

Object Storage (Swift)

Best in class scalable Object storage for your Compute Instances.

Block Storage (Cinder)

Persistent Block level storage for Compute Instances.

Networking (Neuron)

Pluggable, scalable, API-driven network and IP management.

Image Service (Glance)

Registration and delivery services for disk and server images.

Identity Service (Keystone)

Central Directory identity management for Users, mapped to their Openstack service.

Orchestration ( Heat)

Automate the deployment of infrastructure via templates.

Our Fantastic Support brings out the maximum from your OpenStack Investment

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