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Security Audits

Rise Matrix Managed Security

Server Security Management is a continuous process and it is important that the servers are secure from vulnerabilities and hackers. Servers are always under attack irrespective of the purpose they serve for, which is why this service is considered as one of the crucial and carefully treated one. That is why it is so important to understand the security landscape, develop a strategy and engage the right partners to help you implement or strengthen your security posture.

Upgrade Your Security Strategy

Why Rise Matrix

Managed Server Security services to safeguard your Data

You just run your business with confidence where your data is watched and protected by our team of experts. Few use cases where our experts work on.

How do we cater to fix the server issues that you have

As soon as we receive your support request for security audit, our engineers will contact you via email, assess the situation at hand and provide you with an ETA on the security task and the charges.


Once you confirm, our engineers will jump in, handle the case at hand where the security audits will be carried out in a controlled manner without disrupting the current environment while keeping you updated on progress.


Once the audits are done, it will be tested against mock attacks for verifiability. When all the audits are in place, you will be contacted for verification and confirmation of task.


Talk to an Expert

Contact us for free assistance in understanding your needs and how we can secure your business infrastructure based on your requirements. Security Audits are delivered by a dedicated Technical Agent, with the support of our Solutions Architects and Advanced Sysadmins.

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