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Solus Vm

What is Solus Vm ?

SolusVM is a fast, streamlined way to deploy and manage bare-bones cloud/VPS services - ideal for developers and other users that need simple, powerful virtual servers. SolusVM was acquired by OnApp in September 2014. It has full support for OpenVZ, Linux KVM, Xen Para virtualization and Xen HVM support. SolusVM allows you and your clients to manage a VPS cluster with security & ease.

Solus VM for your Hosting Business


Xen, KVM and OpenVZ pool of machines managed from a centralized system.


Both Administrator as well and end customer has the ability to manage VMs.


Robust integration with WHMCs, Hostblill, Blesta and other popular billing system.


Create front-end styles and custom operating system templates.

How Rise Matrix manages your SolusVM Environment?

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