Uptime Guarantee

Web hosting companies offer various types of guarantees to attract costumers, one of them being uptime guarantee which is probably the most often used one too.

Seems like a good concept and long ago that was a good criterion when looking for a host. Today however, uptime guarantees aren't really worth much and here is why:

The initial thought when you hear about a 99.9% uptime guarantee is: "My website will be up 99.9% of the time!" I'm sorry to disappoint you but that's often far from the truth!

Here are the most often practiced uptime guarantees, let's calculate what they really mean. A 99.5% uptime guarantee means that your website can be down for as much as 216 minutes in a month; 99.8% uptime guarantee -- 86.4 minutes of downtime; 99.9% uptime guarantee -- 43.2 minutes of downtime.

Compensation is usually limited to the amount that you paid for the hosting service and you have to ask for the compensation. If the uptime guarantee stated 99.9% uptime and the real uptime was 89.9%, it usually means that you will not be billed for those 10% that they were not able to achieve.

Considering the fact that most uptime guarantees are given on a monthly basis, if your website was down 10% of the time, it means if was down for about 3 days. If you run a decently visited website, a 10% downtime costs you (in lost sales/sign-ups or whatever) way more than the monthly cost of web hosting.

Doesn't sound so great anymore now does it?

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