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WebsitePanel, as a powerful and flexible open-source control panel for Windows hosting. The panel enables the customer to manage their Windows Hosting environment and various server applications via an initiative GUI.

WebsitePanel compromises of three components namely, WebsitePanel Portal, WebsitePanel Enterprise Server, and WebsitePanel Server were three has three distinct functions. Our team can handle all aspects of Website Panel, ensuring a reliable and efficient Windows hosting for your end customers, 24/7.

Installation and Post-configuration

We take care about initial server setup, ready it for Website-Panel, then the installation of control panel itself with all initial parameters configured to its optimal settings. In the case of WebsitePanel already installed, we make sure that the underlying Windows OS and the current WebsitePanel are up-to-date and no compatibility issues exist.

Hosting account deployment and Restoration

We help the hosting providers, their customer to manage and deploy hosting accounts according to their requirements, user account and quota management, Database and email services, User backups. We do help to restore an account from any other third-party hosting account no matter what panel or custom application they use.

Migration Assistance

We help in assessing the migration requirements, providing a reliable migration roadmap with little or no downtime at all. Migration from another hosting provider irrespective of any technology used, utilizing the most advanced migration tools while keeping the integrity of the migrated accounts.

WebsitePanel complete Security Audit

Server-side security is paramount need these days and our Dedicated Security Team is adept at detecting and resolving all level of security breaches including those in wild or zero-day exploits. We provide securing the underlying OS first and then securing the Panel against all level of breaches with basic OS Firewall, panel supported web application firewall, and efficient password management, Spam free email services, providing security-related advice on installed CMS or custom applications. Our experts provide excellent forensic analysis on any hacking instances and securing it again future attacks or exploits.

Service configuration for optimal performance

Optimization of web server, the IIS, Email services like hMail/Smartermail, FTP services, DNS, MySQL/MSSQL our expert team can optimize those services to the maximum within the underlying OS and hardware limits, providing efficient and reliable hosting experience for your customers.

Devising backup strategy

A perfect backup strategy should be in place if you need to provide your customers with reliable hosting. Whether its R1soft which is an industry standard in backup management, or whether you need an independent SAN or network storage or any other third-party backup system, our team will provide the best consultation to implement that backup system in place.

24/7 Monitoring and Proactive Server Management

Your servers, its essential services, and customer websites are strictly under our constant monitoring. Our automated monitoring system alerts our team when it detects about a service failure situation going to happen and helps us the team to take proactive steps in stabilizing the service, ensuring a smooth and reliable hosting service for your customers.

SLA of 1 hour Support ticket response

Your end customer tickets will be answered by our techs within an SLA of 1 hour and a resolution time of 6 hours or less. We have the best escalation procedures in a place that makes sure that the hardest issues are resolved by the end of the day.

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